Often times, people buy over a business instead of starting one from scratch because it’s a true and tested brand and business in the market.

You may have an entrepreneurial heart but not knowing much about an industry may jeopardise your business, that’s why there’s licensing. Perhaps, you see an amazing opportunity for a business to achieve greater heights in your own hands and you have a dream in making your vision come true.



With our consistent belief in Believing in Greatness, we’d like to inspire our communities to go forth with their dreams; as well as anyone who’s interested in franchising COSANS Coffee.

If you have a passion for brewing coffee, humanity and arts, perhaps this is your chance to put your dreams into action.

LICENSING_WEB_COSANSBusinessModelThe star business model is a tool we’ve created. It represents the five interconnected divisions within our organisation that generates profit to our business. The 5 branches are Business Management, Central Kitchen, Outlets, Coffee Academy and Coffee Production (beans & roasts).

Under the management division, they’re in charge of procurement of business through licensing program, customer loyalty program, business development and overall operating system.

The central kitchen or food production facility is the core heart of food production system. This department is in charged of the food production for COSANS outlets. The central kitchen/warehouse also acts as the central for storage of our products, merchandises, equipments, assets and other business inventories.




As a Licensor and coffee chain store operator, we understand the significant level of capital investment needed and required time to support the successful operation of a coffee chain store. This is the reason why we are committed to support each outlet licensee personally through every stage of development and operations, which includes:

  • Site Selection Consultation
  • Marketing
  • Training
  • Operation Support
  • Central Procurement
  • Central Kitchen
  • Operation Manual
  • Outlet Design
  • Licensing Services
  • Research & Development
  • Continuous Education
  • Field Support




LICENSING_WEB_COSANSLicensingRequirements——needsWe have developed our business strategies and our investment where it is most economically driven in comparable within this industry.

Here are the basic requirements in becoming part of the COSANS Coffee Licensing Team as
listed below:


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