Since COSANS Coffee’s establishment, we aim to cultivate a passionate community of arts, combining artisan coffee and contemporary lifestyle. We believe in the raw values of humanity, hope 
for a greater appreciation of  arts and to BELIEVE IN GREAT to achieve something greater than what life expects. COSANS Coffee is a third wave Malaysian coffee chain that serves authentic coffee and scrumptious sandwich meals that flexibly caters to any of your hungry and thirsty needs.



Believe In Greatness

As a collectivist or individualistic human being, it is essential for people to treasure relationships they have with those dear to their hearts. We aim to make COSANS Coffee an atmospheric space to evoke emotions while quietly impacting your creativity to be pushed beyond your limits.


Faith is taking the first step but not being able to see the whole staircase – Martin Luther King, Jr; we want to share with you the value of believing in greatness in anything you’re passionate at. If you’ve set your mind to something, do it to the greatest and hope for the greatest. But most importantly, believe in great. Because who else would, if you yourself don’t?


This is why COSANS Coffee Believe In Great Coffee.